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Our Mission: To connect all people in need and the programs that serve them (with dignity and ease).
Aunt Bertha picks up where Uncle Sam leaves off by making it easy to find and apply for government and charitable social service programs. By organizing the world's human service program information, we make it easy for people in need and the people who help them to find help in seconds on
We are looking for people who are driven to make the world a drastically better place and want to join our small group of thoughtful, committed citizens because they believe, as Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Our employees are aligned around this mission. That's why it is a requirement of our application process that you include a cover letter detailing how Aunt Bertha’s mission speaks to you. 
Please note: If our mission doesn't strike a chord with you that is OK. But please consider not applying. We are seeking people who come on fire after learning about what we do.
About the team you'll be joining:
We are a small team tasked with making our engineering teams autonomous and their processes more enjoyable, more stable, and faster. Our team is ruthless in maintaining our focus on the most important work, spending a lot of time refining and preparing tickets for work. Then we get our work to capital-D “Done” so that we only have to revisit it by choice.
We are looking for a senior engineer with a background in any one or all of web development, SaaS web operations, devops, or cloud security to provide technical guidance to our team. 
This person needs to have the temperament and desire to provide mentorship to the more junior members of the team, as well as being able to help triage and firefight issues as they invariably arise across our stack.
Most importantly, we are looking for someone who is instinctively collaborative and eager to learn new things.

Key Responsibilities:

    • Provide technical direction was we build self-service tools to provision secure cloud infrastructure in GCP
    • Set an example for the team during planning, refinement, and retros
    • Be available (but with boundaries) to being a subject matter expert for other teams in the engineering organization
    • Keep open communication with other teams and stakeholders to develop requirements and make sure that we are all pulling in the same direction
    • Look for opportunities for personal and professional growth for self and team


    • At least a total of 7 years of experience as a web, operations, security, infrastructure, or devops engineer, some of which should have come while at a cloud-based SaaS company, AND
    • Expertise in GCP, particularly AppEngine, cloud functions, pub/sub

Expertise (in at least two of the following):

    • cloud security, particularly IAM, firewalls, and log aggregation and monitoring
    • networking, both internal and dns
    • cloud-first infrastructure-as-code tools like Pulumi, Terraform, or AWS CDK
    • test-driven development (not merely writing tests, but “red, green, refactor”)
    • database administration, particularly MySQL
    • Kuberenetes
    • JavaScript and the npm ecosystem
Aunt Bertha is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are building a company whose employees understand our users, through their own lived experiences. This means we strive to hire employees that are diverse by race, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, religion, sexual orientation, physical abilities, veteran status and socio-economic upbringing.

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