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Our Mission: To connect all people in need and the programs that serve them (with dignity and ease).
Aunt Bertha picks up where Uncle Sam leaves off by making it easy to find and apply for government and charitable social service programs. By organizing the world's human service program information, we make it easy for people in need and the people who help them to find help in seconds on
We are looking for people who are driven to make the world a drastically better place and want to join our small group of thoughtful, committed citizens because they believe, as Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Our employees are aligned around this mission. That's why it is a requirement of our application process that you include a cover letter detailing how Aunt Bertha’s mission speaks to you. 
Please note: If our mission doesn't strike a chord with you that is OK. But please consider not applying. We are seeking people who come on fire after learning about what we do.
About the Platform Team
We are a distributed team charged with maintaining and developing our software's internal data model and architecture.
We are looking for a senior developer to join our team and help us take our platform into the future in ways that best serve other product teams and our users.
We expect this to be a remote role and are open to hiring anywhere in the United States though a slight preference will be given to candidates in the Austin area.
5+ years working as a professional software developer 
We realize that years of experience are not everything. Still, we need someone who has substantial experience with a range of products and working conditions for this role.
Comfortable working independently in a complex Python codebase 
You should not have any issues taking charge of understanding messy code and working toward its gradual improvement.
Experience transitioning applications to high test coverage
Unit tests are essential, but it's not so simple. You should be able to discuss a more nuanced approach to testing. How do you balance the ideal and practical while moving things in the right direction?
Good understanding of SQL and non-relational databases
It would be best if you were equally confident writing moderately complex SQL queries and working with ORMs. You should be able to give and defend recommendations on DBMS for a given piece of data.
Experience designing cloud-first services, ideally on GCP
Be able to talk about eventual consistency, auto-scaling, event-driven architectures, and when you have used each.
Excellent technical writing and communication skills 
We are a distributed team which makes technical writing extra important. We work on improving our technical writing and how it can best communicate complex concepts and workflows. You should be able to join the discussion out of the gate.
Demonstrated history working on a team
You will never have to go off & work by yourself for a sprint. Talking about your preferences and experiences with pair programming, code reviews, mentoring, and relationship building within a technical team should come naturally.


    • Strong Javascript and ReactJs experience
    • Understanding of functional programming techniques
    • Experience checking and improving application security
    • Passion for data modeling and software architecture
    • Experience working on applications that take extra steps to protect PHI and PII
Aunt Bertha is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are building a company whose employees understand our users, through their own lived experiences. This means we strive to hire employees that are diverse by race, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, religion, sexual orientation, physical abilities, veteran status and socio-economic upbringing.

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