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At Literati, we believe in the power of great books. We’re on a mission to ignite a love of learning and a love of life by curating transformative literary experiences for every reader:  anyone who dreams, anyone who wonders, of any age.  There are some stories no child should live without and no adult should ever forget.


Job Description

We are looking for a talented, down-to-earth Sr. Product Manager to work on the next generation of our Kids mobile apps. This is a startup: You’ll enjoy donning many hats and work closely with team members and leaders throughout the organization. You have strong mobile product instincts. You enjoy thinking about customers’ mobile workflows and identifying opportunities to make mobile products amazing. Collaboration is in your DNA, but you aren’t afraid to prioritize, provide feedback, make decisions, and communicate. Android or iOS, it’s for you. You’ll come in and make an immediate impact to our small (but mighty) Product team, and play a large role in representing our brand and mission. 



Bringing the fire. We are a startup, with all the fierce dedication and sparkling energy to accomplish great feats. Iron sharpens iron, and so we’ve refined our teams from only the strongest metals: open minds, bright ideas, and bold determination.


  • A Product Person. You get product. You eat, sleep, and breathe it. You can’t open an app without internally critiquing why that button had to be placed right there.
  • Passionate. You hold a high bar for the work that you do and have the ability to drive others to meet your same high standards.
  • Data-Driven. You know that a product decision is only as good as the data that inspired it.
  • Inclusive. It’s important to you that everyone be heard, but feel comfortable in making the final decision when it’s needed of you.
  • Aligner. You search for misalignment constantly, have a keen ability to identify it, and realign all parties with support and confidence.
  • A Communicator. You take pride in being clear and concise in all communications, from meetings and Slacks to documentation and slides.
  • Researcher. You are ready to roll up your sleeves and execute primary research – whatever it takes to get to the answer and uncover an exciting opportunity.
  • Amplifier. You have an unspoken ability to amplify the successes and contributions of teammates.
  • A Collaborator. It’s in your DNA, but you aren’t afraid to prioritize, make decisions, and communicate with authority.
  • Humble. Very humble. Ego? Not your amigo. 
  • Bookish. You live for the infinite ways in which books are a mirror for our humanity.


  • 5+ years as a product manager of a mobile product in a consumer-facing role at a high-growth tech company.
  • A strong intuition for great mobile experiences, and a proven ability to bring them to life.
  • UI/UX experience in creating delightful and elegant mobile experiences and journeys.
  • An ability to explore and build products for net new use cases that have never been solved, let alone solved well.
  • A track record of shaping product roadmaps and user experiences through deep consumer understanding, actionable insights, and sound recommendations.
  • Strong business, analytical, data, and troubleshooting skills.
  • A proven ability to build strong relationships.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong project, stakeholder, and leadership skills with high attention to detail.
  • A passion for children’s books and literacy.
  • Excitement towards working in a fast-paced and ambiguous environment.
  • A mission-first attitude, understanding that your success is measured by your product and team’s success.
  • A no-task-is-too-small attitude and willingness to dive in anywhere necessary.


  • Own the end-to-end Kids mobile experience for iOS and Android from sign-in to subscription management and everything in between.
  • Work to deeply understand our customers and how to leverage mobile platforms to create the most amazing product experience.
  • Establish the product vision, roadmap, and strategy for our iOS and Android apps.
  • Empower every member of the team by providing context, clear prioritization, direction, and building and maintaining alignment.
  • Work with engineers, designers, and cross-functional partners to build amazing products and product experiences.
  • Rapidly iterate and evolve our mobile apps to meet customer needs and a rapidly growing business.
  • Identify user needs and new business opportunities through qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Strategically evolve and grow existing products to constantly deliver a better user experience.


Additional Information

We seek people with drive and a touch of alchemy—and if that sounds like you, you should join us. Even if your experience isn’t a precise match for the role, passion and prowess will always win the day in our book. And if your career has taken you to some spectacular (or spectacularly strange) places? We love a good story.

At Literati, we value the power of reading for all: anyone who dreams, anyone who wonders, anyone of any age, from any background. We are dedicated to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and connectedness that sees, reflects, welcomes, and celebrates the innovation and talent of a diverse array of people.

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