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Batteries, microgrids, and work on grid-stability, security, and energy distribution services

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Kevala, Inc. Logo
Kevala, Inc.

Kevala is accelerating a clean energy future by making energy-related data more meaningful, transparent and accessible.
Partners & Advocates
Clean Energy
San Francisco, CA, USA
Enbala Logo

The grid is changing. To survive in the distributed energy world, utilities and energy retailers will adapt their thinking, their models and their expectations to forge a new path forward.
Partners & Advocates
Clean Energy
Denver, CO, USA
Equilibrium Energy Logo
Equilibrium Energy

We are building a science-infused, digitally-enabled power company operating at the intersection of grid variability, market volatility, economic optimization, commercial structuring, trading, and risk management, across the end-to-end power value chain. Our ambition is to become a next-generation clean power company that reshapes the energy industry.
Climate Change
San Francisco CA, USA
APX Logo

APX's combination of our 15+ years of pioneering environmental markets and our 20+ year history of providing technology solutions to wholesale power participants drives our broad spectrum of sustainable energy solutions. We partner with renewable power producers, innovative utilities, enlightened commercial and industrial consumers as well as top government agencies and NGO’s.
Clean Energy
New York, NY, USA

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