Lessons from a Pandemic: Solutions for Addressing the Climate Change Crisis


Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design


The current COVID-19 pandemic has been referred to by some as the “time lapse of the climate crisis” and has highlighted the importance of heeding the warnings and recommendations of scientists and experts to make informed policy decisions in order to stave off the most dire consequences. Climate change affects the global population, but unlike the novel virus which is unfolding in “real time”, climate change is taking place in “deep time”, a multi-generational time frame. Over the last couple of decades there has been rapid progress towards technological solutions, which can move our societies towards sustainable manufacturing, infrastructure and renewable energy, thus mitigating climate change. Yet to date, progress on implementing these have been slow. A rich body of evidence and understanding of how climate change is negatively impacting our environment and well-being has been developed. Yet actions on adaptation and mitigation to avert disastrous outcomes are sporadic and fragmen



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Sept. 16, 2020, 5 p.m. - Sept. 16, 2020, 7 p.m.



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