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Government Transparency & Accountability

Tracking money in politics and government, disclosing public information about bills and policies, and ensuring governments are held accountable

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Delivery Associates Logo
Delivery Associates

Effective governments optimize their resources to deliver for their citizens. It is easy to make promises to people, but far harder to turn vision into reality. Delivery Associates build expertise in governments around the world to implement effectively for results that matter.
Public Service & Civic Engagement
London, England
Civic Eagle Logo
Civic Eagle

At Civic Eagle, our team is on a mission to use technology to promote better democratic outcomes for people and their communities.
Public Service & Civic Engagement
Atlanta, GA, USA
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Washington, DC, USA
OpenSecrets Logo

Nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, is the nation's premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. The Center for Responsive Politics launched the website following the 1996 elections. Our mission is to track the flow of money in American politics and provide the data and analysis to strengthen democracy. Our vision is for Americans to use this knowledge to create a more vibrant, representative and accountable democracy.
Public Service & Civic Engagement
Washington, DC. USA
Corporate Accountability Logo
Corporate Accountability

Corporate Accountability stops transnational corporations from devastating democracy, trampling human rights, and destroying our planet.
Human Rights & Equality
Public Service & Civic Engagement
Boston, MA, USA

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