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Advocating for safe and humane practices for farm animals

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Impossible Foods Logo
Impossible Foods

We’re making meat using plants, so that we never have to use animals again.
Food & Agriculture
Redwood City, CA, USA
Mercy for Animals Logo
Mercy for Animals

Our vision is a world where animals are respected, protected, and free. Our mission is to end industrial animal agriculture by constructing a just and sustainable food system.
Food & Agriculture
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Air Protein Logo
Air Protein

We believe climate change and food scarcity can be reduced by reimagining food creation. Our groundbreaking process is carbon negative, massively scalable, and can happen virtually anywhere.
Climate Change
Food & Agriculture
Pleasanton, CA, USA
Meati Logo

Our team is passionate about making the world a better place through good health and wellness, positive climate impact, and equitable access to nutrition around the world. Meati Foods is focused on using proprietary, clean technologies to provide nutritious, fungi-based protein that everyone can enjoy and feel good about eating every day.
Food & Agriculture
Climate Change
Boulder, CO, USA

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