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Incarcerated & Returning Citizens

Services, programs, or tools specifically to help people who were or currently are incarcerated

Human Rights & Equality Subcategories

Incarcerated & Returning Citizens Organizations

Vera Institute of Justice Logo
Vera Institute of Justice

We envision a society that respects the dignity of every person and safeguards justice for everyone. Our mission is to end the overcriminalization and mass incarceration of people of color, immigrants, and people experiencing poverty.
Public Service & Civic Engagement
Human Rights & Equality
Brooklyn, NY
National Network for Safe Commnities Logo
National Network for Safe Commnities

The National Network for Safe Communities (NNSC), an internationally recognized action research center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, provides proven, evidence-based, life-saving violence reduction strategies to dozens of communities across America and beyond. The NNSC’s mission is to create safer communities.
Public Service & Civic Engagement
New York, NY, USA
Center for Community Alternatives Logo
Center for Community Alternatives

CCA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We seek talented, dedicated individuals who possess a strong commitment to CCA’s mission, including those with relevant personal experience in terms of recovery and/or justice involvement
Public Service & Civic Engagement
Human Rights & Equality
Rochester, NY, USA
Syracuse, NY, USA
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Fresh Lifelines for Youth Logo
Fresh Lifelines for Youth

Fresh Lifelines for Youth is an award-winning nonprofit working to break the cycle of juvenile violence, crime, and incarceration. We give young people a chance to take their lives in a whole new direction.
Partners & Advocates
Human Rights & Equality
Milpitas, CA, USA
Redwood City, CA, USA
Oakland, CA, USA

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