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Labor Rights & Worker Safety

Unions and groups working to pass laws and policies to protect workers

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Open Supply Hub Logo
Open Supply Hub

Open Supply Hub (OS Hub) exists to improve human rights and environmental conditions in and around factories and facilities by opening up supply chain data as a free, public good.
Human Rights & Equality
New York, NY
London, UK
Vantage Point Logo
Vantage Point

Vantage Point was founded under the belief that while technology can cause apathy, immersive technology can drive empathy and fundamentally make the world more human. We believe that the heart of all we do is human.
Human Rights & Equality
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sunrise Movement Logo
Sunrise Movement

Sunrise is a movement of young people uniting to stop the climate crisis. We call ourselves Sunrise because we know this dark hour in America, when fossil fuel executives and climate deniers run our government, cannot last. The sun will rise again.
Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development
Climate Change
Washington, DC, USA Logo

At Coworker, we believe people should have agency and power in their work lives. Most of us will spend a third of our adult lives at work—more time than we will spend with our families, in school, or participating in our community’s civic life. And yet many of us are silenced and unseen at our jobs. We deserve to have a voice in shaping our working conditions and the ways in which work happens. We are powerful, and together, we can transform our jobs and workplaces.
Human Rights & Equality
Washington, DC, USA

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