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Buses, trains, subways, and other forms of transportation that are available to the public

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Replica Logo

Replica is a next-generation urban planning tool that helps clients in both public and private sector make informed, effective, and responsive decisions on transportation, land use, and economic development.
Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development
Climate Change
Partners & Advocates
Public Infrastructure
Seattle, WA
Oakland, CA
New York, NY
Kansas City, MO
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Our mission is democratizing autonomy - we are building the world's safest driver and making our technology available to everyone. Our world-class experts in perception, planning, and controls have already completed our first level 4 autonomous deliveries.
Public Infrastructure
San Jose, CA, USA
Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Logo
Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.

The Atlanta BeltLine is the largest revitalization effort in the history of Atlanta, encompassing almost 20 percent of the city. It features 22 miles of light-rail streetcar transit, several crosstown streetcar transit line extensions to serve the city’s inner core, 33 miles of paved urban trails, over 1,300 acres of new parkland, 46 miles of streetscapes and intersection improvements, one of the South’s largest installations of public art, brownfield reclamation, and the creation of 5,600 affordable housing units and 30,000 jobs in the neighborhoods surrounding the underutilized and abandoned railroad corridor. In addition, ABI is committed to advancing equity and inclusion within the organization, along the corridor, and throughout all programs and projects.
Public Infrastructure
Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development
Atlanta, GA, USA
CATT Lab Logo

The Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory at the University of Maryland was originally established in 2002 as an academic applied research and development lab to support national, state, and local efforts to solve important transportation, safety, and security problems. The CATT Lab accomplishes this mission through innovative technology deployments and user-centered design of software and information visualization systems. Our work spans many disciplines including Intelligent Transportation Systems, law enforcement, network security, private business, defense and homeland security.
Public Infrastructure
College Park, MD, USA

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