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Atomo Coffee Logo
Atomo Coffee

Atomo is a cutting-edge, Seattle-based, food-tech startup confronting the climate crisis by reinventing coffee for tomorrow. Founded in 2019, with offices in the heart of Seattle, Atomo is a place for innovative, creative, committed people to come together, learn from one another and leave this planet better than we found it. We have already reverse-engineered the coffee bean—producing outstanding cold brew coffee with over 90% reduction in both water and carbon footprints—and have even bigger plans for the future. Join us to help shape the future of coffee!
Climate Change
Food & Agriculture
Seattle, WA, USA
Freight Farms Logo
Freight Farms

Our mission is to create a global infrastructure to revolutionize local access to food. Here We believe that healthy food is a right, not a luxury. For this reason, we are dedicated to making fresh food accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time with a complete platform of products and services. We aim to revolutionize local assess to food for a more sustainable future–not just in terms of the environment, but by also making communities more resilient and secure. Together with our team and network of farmers, we hope to build a future-facing and inclusive world.
Climate Change
Food & Agriculture
Scoot Science Logo
Scoot Science

Our team of oceanographers, data scientists, and software engineers is focused on helping fish farmers protect assets, operate sustainably, and increase profits by enabling a more complete assessment of local ocean conditions.
Food & Agriculture
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
SRECTrade Logo

SRECTrade, Inc. is a technology driven environmental commodity management and transaction platform. Since its inception in 2008, SRECTrade’s mission has been to help accelerate the adoption of clean energy assets resulting in the reduction of greenhouse gases. The Company ensures that complex environmental commodity markets are transparent, equitable, and accessible to all eligible parties.
Climate Change
Clean Energy
San Francisco, CA, USA

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