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Sustainable Farming

Farming practices that are sustainable or better for the environment

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Corporate Accountability Logo
Corporate Accountability

Corporate Accountability stops transnational corporations from devastating democracy, trampling human rights, and destroying our planet.
Human Rights & Equality
Public Service & Civic Engagement
Boston, MA, USA
Bowery Farming Logo
Bowery Farming

Bowery is growing food for a better future by revolutionizing agriculture. Our modern farming company combines the benefits of the best local farms with advances made possible by technology to grow produce you can feel good about eating.
Food & Agriculture
New York, NY, USA
Bellwether Coffee Logo
Bellwether Coffee

The coffee industry is not sustainable. Current coffee prices don't provide a living income to most of the world’s farmers, causing instability and enduring poverty. The coffee industry creates significant carbon emissions, disproportionately affecting farmers through climate change. We can meaningfully reduce the climate impact of the coffee industry by advocating for the widespread adoption of electric and distributed roasting to reduce our carbon footprint. We can support long term economic health for farmers by paying coffee farmers equitable prices and investing in farm communities where we source coffee.
Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development
Climate Change
Berkeley, CA, USA
Aigen Logo

At Aigen, our goal is to automate land regeneration and conservation agriculture with small edge based robots. Our platform eliminates the need for unnecessary infrastructure, improves soil health, and reduces costs for farmers.
Climate Change
Food & Agriculture
Kirkland, WA, USA

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