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Classes and services that help adults learn new skills or skills directly related to a occupation

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What is vocational education and why is it important?

Vocational education and training are educational programs that provide individuals with the skills and knowledge to successfully enter a chosen trade or career. Vocational education prepares students for specific jobs, and teaches practical, hands-on skills that are needed for success in the workplace. Vocational education is important as it allows people to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to gain meaningful employment and to increase their earning potential.

What is adult education and why is it important?

Adult education includes learning activities that are specifically geared towards adult learners. These activities encompass courses for professional development, personal enrichment and lifelong learning. Adult education can help further professional development, provide skills and knowledge for job advancement, and can even provide a pathway for career changes. It can also help people to keep up with technological changes, develop job-relevant skills, and to remain engaged and informed citizens.

How is technology playing an important role in improving vocational and adult education?

Education Technology is playing an important role in improving vocational and adult education by offering comprehensive, accessible and flexible solutions that can be tailored to the varied needs of students. Technology-based learning solutions provide students with an efficient and effective way of acquiring and retaining knowledge, as well as the tools to foster collaboration and engagement. Technology also improves student access to educational opportunities, making it more accessible for everyone regardless of geographical location or financial resources.

Vocational & Adult Organizations

San Francisco Fellows Program Logo
San Francisco Fellows Program

The mission of the San Francisco Fellows program is to foster community stewardship by preparing recent college graduates and young professionals for roles in public service and administration.
Public Service & Civic Engagement
San Francisco, CA, USA
Osmosis Logo

A personalized learning platform that helps you retain more, gain a deeper understanding of concepts & feel more prepared for your courses & exams. All content on and from Osmosis is intended for educational and informational purposes only.
Health & Well-Being
Baltimore, MD, USA
Duolingo Logo

The best new way to learn a language.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
New York, NY, USA
Bellevue, WA, USA
Sponsors for Educational Opportunity Logo
Sponsors for Educational Opportunity

SEO is an educational non-profit focused on improving outcomes for students that come from underserved and historically underrepresented backgrounds.
Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development
San Francisco, CA
New York, NY
Greensboro, NC

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Data, Insights & Partnerships Manager
Long Island City, NY - $130K - $170K
Economic Development
+ 1 more

About Pursuit

Our mission is to create economic transformation. By training low-income adults to launch and advance careers as software engineers, we help our Fellows earn from eighteen thousand dol…

Posted 6 days ago
Senior Director of Technology
Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School
Washington, DC - $148K - $160K
Economic Development
+ 2 more

About Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

CRIPCS is an adult charter school that delivers high-quality education, career training, and supportive
services that enable adult immigrants …

Posted 4 weeks ago
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